Squid Game Shooting Survival

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Squid Game Shooting Survival

Squid Game Shooting Survival

Squid Game comes back again with another new challenge!

Are you good at aiming and shooting? How far could you go if you were a participant in "The Squid Game"? In order to find out, quickly go to Squid Game Shooting Survival and take action. With an interesting gameplay, your job here is to knock out your enemies in all levels.

Will you be able to survive?

Play it now and see if you can get the title ‘Best Shooter’ in this game!

How to Play?

As soon as the competition starts, you’ll be thrown in the arena where the game called Red Light Green Light took place at previously. Have a look and you’ll see other red men and tracksuit contestants walking around. The worst thing is that all of them are planning to kill you.

So, your primary goal here is to use the gun you have or any other weapons you might find, including cars, to shoot down, attack, run over, and kill them.

The more people you bring down, the more experience points and coins you gain. Later you can use the money to purchase new weapons as well as unlock new avatars to improve your rank in the Leaderboard.

This is an all-out war that you have to win to save your life.

Make sure to give it your best!


  • Survival shooting action game
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Various weapons, vehicles, and characters to unlock

Release Date:

Squid Game Shooting Survival was created on October 21, 2021.


Play this WebGL game on your web browser.


  • Arrows or WASD keys are to move
  • Spacebar is to jump
  • The mouse is to navigate, aim (right), and shoot (left)
  • Q/E is to switch weapons
  • C is to crouch
  • Shift is to run
  • F is to enter/exit vehicle


We hope you will all try out right now!

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