Slope Ball 2

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Control the object by utilizing the left/right keys.

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Slope Ball 2

Slope Ball 2

Have you done the mission in Slope Webgl?

If yes, then I highly recommend you to join in its sequel known as Slope Ball 2. Is there any new update compared to the prequel? Quickly hit Start and find out immediately, players!

What is Slope the Game?

For those who are new to Slope Ball, this is a skill game featuring 3D graphics. Once starting the game, you will get impressed with the wonderful gameplay.

The primary goal in Slope is – you have to take control of a 3D ball in a huge 3D world. Let the ball roll down on the slopes, while you must protect it from colliding with all kinds of obstacles. Try to achieve the furthest distance to conquer this game.

At the beginning, the ball will roll down slowly; yet the speed will gradually get faster as the game progresses. While moving on the slopes, please stay away from red areas or you will fail with just a touch.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Slope is an endless-running Y8 game with unique 3D graphics, appropriate for players of all ages, both children and adults. This flash game can be played on any of your browser.
  • Despite the simple gameplay, Slopeball2 is not easy to complete. As mentioned, players will control an auto-running ball in a 3D map. Since this unblocked game includes the physical element, please navigate control the ball with care.
  • What challenges you most here may be the complex terrain. There are several narrow roads that you must very carefully. Only a small mistake can send your ball to the abyss. Moreover, never touch red blocks or you lose right away.

About Slope Ball 2:

In this green ball game slope, you are invited to an isometric world in which you have to take control of a green-neon ball. Starting from the top of a strange hill, your job at this moment is to search for a way to the finish line.

Like the previous game, Slope 2 asks you to roll the ball as far as possible…until you achieve the furthest distance. In order to reach the end of the slope, you need to stay alive; otherwise, please start the mission again.

The 3D graphics and green-neon color in the background will cause confusion.

Therefore, control the ball to roll down the path thoroughly if you don’t want to fall off the platform or crash into red walls and other obstructions.


  • Graphics is so eye-catching with the neon style
  • Every course changes rapidly that seems to increase the difficulty
  • Numerous deadly obstacles, such as treacherous pits, killer walls, and roadblocks.
  • Check the Leaderboard to see who is in the first place and try to steal their spot.
  • Full-screen mode available.


Slopeball unblocked the 2nd chapter was developed by an SF-based game developer whose name Rob Kay…he’s also known as the creator of Rock Band and Guitar Hero.


Navigate the 3D object to the left or right by using the left/right arrow keys.

Some tips & tricks:
  • Run far for the highest score and even the first rank on the Leaderboard.
  • Look from afar and move the ball to the terrain that is easy for you to control.
  • Prevent your ball from colliding with red blocks.

Utilize the arrows to steer the ball, adjust for gravity and dodge obstacles.

Be careful while controlling the speed of your ball. Nonetheless, there are lot of holes in Slope2 game, and it’s your job to run fast to overcome the difficulty.


Forget about all the endless-running games you’ve ever played, Slope Ball 2 will challenge you on an advanced level. At, we recorded over 45,000 views for Slope2 Game, 100% completely free.

How long will you survive with the madness of the 3D Slope World?


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    Good game time killer for school 😛

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