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Kogama Squid

Kogama Squid

Welcome you all to the amazing cube world in Kogama Squid!

This is a fun extreme survival game in which you need to complete all 6 deadly games from the popular Netflix show "The Squid Game". Take on the role of the participant and try to win a large sum of money.

Will you be able to knock out other players from around the world in this competition?

Click PLAY and see!

How to Play?

Choose your avatar and you will be transported to the main hall to begin your journey. Walk up to the front entrance and follow the colorful, winding staircases straight to the playroom. Collect coins and other useful items from playing and winning games. You can use it later to buy costumes, upgrades, weapons, and all sorts of other cool stuff for a higher chance surviving.

Be careful not to fall into the acid lake. Also avoid touching deadly lasers that can instantly incinerate your character. If you die, you will start the competition again in the main hall. So, to save time, we advise you to use the checkpoints, which will be marked with white flags.

On the playground, remember to build steps with blocks to the doors.

Try to overcome all the difficulties on your way and stay alive!


  • Addicting multiplayer game
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and design
  • Various worlds and mini games to explore
  • Earn coins to upgrade or purchase items

Release Date:

The game was last published on October 25, 2021.


Play this game on any of your web browser.


Kogama Squid is a game created by Kogama site.


  • Move with the arrows or WASD keys
  • Jump with Spacebar
  • Holster weapon with Q
  • Drop weapon with V
  • Attack with the left mouse
  • Interact with E
  • Respawn with K


Have fun with Kogama Squid for free on!

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