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Slope 3 Run Game

Slope 3 Run Game

Welcome to Slope 3 Run Game!

The most challenging and fun game has finally come back!

It may look similar, but the tracks in this third installment are completely changed. If you think that the two previous chapters of the Slope series are the most difficult, you’re so wrong. Lots of surprises are waiting for you in Slope 3 Run Game!

This time, you will continue rolling the ball on steep platforms, but it will be extra thrilling and intense. Controlling your neon ball in the 3D space. There will be many elements stopping you from conquering the journey, so you must put high concentration when navigating the object.

As soon as the game starts, you will instantly feel the adrenaline rush.

Learn more about Slope 3 in the following…

Brief Talk about Slope 3 Run Game

Are you looking for a lot of action and excitement?

If you love the endless runner game series, then probably Slope 3 is the answer that everyone has been seeking for a long time. Jump into the 3D world to experience the most exciting gameplay today, along with cool music in every action.

Here you need to control an object to complete the challenge in the game, until you can’t do it anymore.

Slope 3 (again) allows players to take the role of a neon ball. At the beginning it will run very slowly on slopes, but the speed will increase gradually when you goes further and further. If you don’t stay focused on the screen, you will be quickly removed from the arena at any time.

You think that controlling a ball is easy? Wrong!

The game will stop immediately if the ball is just a little bit out of lane or collides with obstacles and red blocks. Be a skillful player, move on the safe direction to achieve the highest score and put your name on the leaderboard.

How to Play?

Slope overall is a series having simple controls. Hence, you also won’t have any problem with this installment. It seems easy from the start, but soon the speed will increase faster and faster, giving you thrills.

Don’t hesitate to jump into the 3D world here to put your abilities on the test. Let’s engage in a simple yet deadly race where your primary objective is to roll a ball down the slope for as long as possible without colliding with obstacles along the way or falling off the edge.

When sliding downhill the never-ending surface, be prepared for the speed.

Guide the ball to roll platforms to platforms without causing any mistakes. Dodge right away if the red walls show up, or the journey will stop. Move on the steep slope carefully to make the gravity object run as far as it can.

Of course, the gameplay sounds easy but actually it’s won’t be easy at all. As the game progresses, the speed of the ball increases super fast. Perform great jumps when seeing big gaps. Just one touch to any obstacle, player will have to restart the game and lose one life.

Don’t forget to collect all bonuses along the way for higher points!

How far can you go without falling into the abyss?


  • Unique 3D terrain
  • Gravity environment
  • Realistic gaming experience
  • Intuitive controls
  • Full screen mode available

Aside from these, the details and lines give me the impression of being in a distinct space environment. When you navigate the ball, it will roll down the slopes quickly and then slow down when contacting with any obstruction on the route.

A tip to win the game is: you must maintain the balance while the object is moving. Avoiding obstacles is not enough, but you must master how to control over the ball’s speed.

Like its prequels, Slope 3 also needs your great focus from the start. Take advantage of a short period of time at the start of every round to prepare yourself well before entering the race. In addition, many often prioritize collecting the boosters; however, it’s not always good. You must spare your attention to increasing your score.

What’s New?

The 3rd installment is packed with a new function this time; that’s, the speed when changing courses is rapid, making the mission harder and unpredictable.

About the design, the game still captivates most players with its incredible neon graphics and style.


You can enjoy Slope 3 Run Game on your browser (both desktop and mobile).

Plus, Slope is also available for downloading for iOS and Android users.

Release Date:

The game was published on June 8, 2021.


One of reasons explaining why Slope the series can win the heart of many gamers is that it has very straightforward controls. You can control your 3D neon ball using the arrow keys. Sounds super easy, right?

At the beginning of the race, it will guide you on how to navigate the ball.

All you need to do is to move left and right with the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard. Remember to steer your ball along the course to prevent it from falling off the edge; also, dodge over obstacles and walls as well.

Try to keep the ball on the track for a long time.

Use your keyboard:

  • Move left with the left arrow
  • Move right with the right arrow

For anyone playing on mobile, swipe the ball to the left or to the right to stay balanced.

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The Bottom Line

One last note, to play Slope 3 Run Game better, it is necessary to determine what terrain your ball is running on, and you as the controller must be fast and accurate. In the space, you must make choice wisely and quickly, or the ball will fall into the abyss immediately.

What are you waiting for, opponents are waiting for you to log in to the system to compete, show everyone how skillful you are at controlling a ball.

Show them that the challenge is not too difficult at all!

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