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Slope Unblocked

Are you a fan of games full of thrilling moments and unexpected surprises?

If yes, then don’t hesitate to try Slope Unblocked, an ultimate running game!

This time, you really face a really hard challenge, players. Slope requires you to put in much effort as well as skills for the success. Fly through the 3D world and dodge over blocks and other obstacles in order to stay alive as long as possible.

Get ready to show off your ability? It’s time to set your record!

Take control of the ball; then guide it across complicated circuits by making sharp turns.

How to Play Slope Unblocked?

Of course the main goal in this slope hacked game is to pass a hard journey in the mad 3D land together with a neon ball. There is no limitation or no restriction in each level. All you need to conquer is to progress over 1000 levels continuously.

Will you get closer to last levels?

Slope​​ Unblocked comes with a very simple gameplay yet still challenging, plus a fascinating look. The neon-styled graphics will cause great confusion if you don’t really concentrate on the screen. Once setting foot into the neon city, please observe the direction of your ball carefully.

Just a small mistake can send the sphere down to an abyss.

Besides, avoid all the red walls if you don’t want to start the game all over again.


  • The graphics with neon style brings a fascinating look.
  • Unpredictable speed between each level will alter all of sudden throughout your progress.
  • A variety of obstacles, such as blockades, red blocks, and treacherous pits, are displayed along the roads.
  • Keep track of the Leaderboard to track your highest score.
  • Play Slope Unblocked in the full-screen mode.


Slope was created and developed by Rob Kay S, who has been running an online gaming website:

He also published other cool games, such as Jetpack Rusher, Rooftop Snipers, etc.


Slope Game Unblocked was built on the Unity3D platform. Plus the WebGL technology allows players to enjoy this game in your web browser without any trouble.

In addition, Slope now is also available to download via iOS or Android.


  • LEFT arrow is to move left
  • RIGHT arrow is to move right

Slope Game Unblocked

Anyone can try Slope as it’s a fun, addictive game of all ages. The problem is – many places (esp. schools and offices) block this game; thus, don’t be surprised if you are unable to play it.

Fortunately, you can still play Slope Game Unblocked at school if spending time on In this reputable site, both members and guests can relish all unblocked games like Slope even in school or any public place.

Since there’s nothing blocked here, just access our website and have great moments.


Try this Slope Hacked Unblocked Game from today, guys! 

If you do find this game is amazing, don’t mind check out Slope Ball 2 – the sequel.

Or in case you seek similar games, I recommend you to try out Curve Ball, Roll Ball, or Gunball Reloaded. Much fun here!


  1. Slope Fan says:

    my record be 92 and slope game slopex a fun game, but its filled with bugs that makes it even harder that i would be

  2. Roy C. Lackey says:

    My record is 62 (now, i don’t know, how much than i complete slope game lucas wilde.)

  3. Slope SSkyoshiro says:

    my best in slope game slopex is 77 my goal is 90

  4. Games says:

    my best in slope games!

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