Crazy Over Goo

Light Switch
The left mouse is used to play Crazy Over Goo.

Game Details

Crazy Over Goo

Crazy Over Goo

There will be an interesting and remarkable game allowing you to practice some skills and show the ingenuity. It’s precisely Crazy Over Goo, which is known as an addicting physics-based puzzle platformer game themed the eye-catching graphics. Get ready? Give it a shot.

It’s divided into many magnetic levels. It’s revealed that each one focuses on the essential target of launching the yellow ball from the starting point to the red flag. This destination is on the highest platform. Be clever and cautious to direct this object there as lots of obstacles and hazards (spikes, bombs, explosives, etc.) are scattered everywhere. Pay attention to several good and friendly tutorials to know about the best way to overcome the dangers.

Come on! Crazy Over Goo is ready to be discovered. How about you? Take some moment to taste it now!

How To Play

The left mouse is used to play Crazy Over Goo.

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