Run 1

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Press the arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.

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Run 1

Run 1

How far can you run in space?

Challenge yourself in Run 1 – the classic and original 3D running game that started the so-called endless runner genre. It seems to be a simple game at the first glance, and indeed it is!

For those who love the delight of a competition, I think you should look no further than the very first version of the Run series. As an enthusiast of this 3D arcade game, it’s such a lost if you don’t add Run 1 into your collection of favorite games.

Complete all the levels for the ultimate win!


Remember these following lines if you want to seize the entire levels excellently:

  • Run
  • Do not slow down
  • Do not fall off
  • Do not give up

Your one and only mission is to run on a big tunnel full of holes without falling off. What I find most interesting about this game is that you can rotate the platform 90 degrees while moving. Yes, the tip to survive is to bounce and walk on walls wisely and swiftly as well as dodge over gaps here and there.

The moment you fall off space tunnels, you will lose and need to start over again.

Run 1 comes with 3 modes: Adventure mode, Infinite mode, and Edit mode; also, adjust the game speed to suit your ability.


In order to play this flash game, you must Adobe Flash Player. Make sure you update the latest version of Flash Player when Run 1 seems not to start. Be patient as it may take a few seconds to load.


Press the arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.


As you’re playing Run 1, then continue the journey through space tunnels in Run 2 and Run 3. For other similar endless running games, try Slope 2 Rolling Ball 3D and Slope Multiplayer and tell us your experience.

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