Red-Ball 3

Light Switch
Move and jump with the arrows.

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Red-Ball 3

Red-Ball 3

The third installment of the Red Ball series – Red-Ball 3 – is out. In this chapter, you need to assist the ‘Red’ ball in rescuing his girlfriend from a bad guy. No time for hesitating!

Feel jealous of the love of the Red ball & Pink ball, the wicked Black ball decided to kidnap and trap the girl deeply in his place. Now, you must help the main character save his lover. Try your best to solve a total of 26 challenging yet interesting levels for a final victory. In each stage, think and move the ball cleverly to get through the obstacles (water, blocks, spikes, and more) and reach the flag at the finish point. Make use of any object on the way, such as wood, wooden boxes, etc., to accomplish the missions efficiently. Move carefully and avoid falling off the platforms; otherwise, you need to start the journey again.

Will the Red guy enable to bring his lover back? Go to Red-Ball 3 and witness the whole process!

Move and jump with the arrows.

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