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WonderputtDo you gain any interest with golf, recently? This time, we’d like to introduce an addictive adventure golf game to you all; that’s, Wonderputt. In here, the players can enjoy lots of great things in one place – ski slopes, torpedos, cows, a sprinkle of alien, toads, and many more things. Feel free to discover slowly one by one! Like other golf games, your ultimate mission is – simply putting the ball right into the requested hole. However, the process of moving the ball is quite tough, especially in here. Many obstructions are set to challenge you as well as your skills! When having the ball, players should adjust its direction and power before hitting it. Unlock the ‘Wonder Collectable Mode’ after accomplishing the first game to maximize your gained points. Attain all the achievements in the game to own more new, special spots. Don’t waste time anymore! You can practice first to play better later! Activate the mouse to enjoy the game.

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