Red Ball 4 Volume 2

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Control the character with the arrows.

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Red Ball 4 Volume 2 (Last Updated: December 17, 2020)

Red Ball 4 Volume 2

As you may know, Red Ball 4 has different volumes. And today, we glad to introduce Red Ball 4 Volume 2 to you all, guys. A totally strange place is available for self-discovery. Go ahead!

In this volume, the main character – a red ball – will travel to a deep forest where lots of square monsters are living. Your objective here is to guide the ball to roll and jump through its way to destroy the enemies and save the world. Don’t let them turn our beloved planet into a weird, horrifying shape. Along the way, try to collect as many stars as possible for points and dodge over different deadly obstacles. In case the red ball collides with any dangerous things, its health will decrease gradually, and, of course, it will die soon. Do your best to reach the red flag in each level – there are 15 cool, interesting, and fun stages here!

Grab this chance savoring Red Ball 4 Volume 2 now or you’ll regret later. Show us your ability!

Control the character with the arrows.

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