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The mouse is the only key to play this game.

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SolipskierTake a bit of spare time and travel to Solipskier, a fast-paced skiing game! As the winter is coming close, it’s good to give your body chill feelings. When it comes to skiing, do you have confident? No need to worry! Playing this game, the players will be offered the mastery of the terrain. Let put things simply! Your major objective here is – dragging the mouse to draw the slopes. Once starting the game, you have to create a long path covered with snow to help a stickman enjoy his skiing course. Have more incredibly high jumps to achieve some really remarkable points. Draw ‘steep slope’ can send the character flying! Along the way, players have to catch air as well as do tricks to get as many points as possible. Make use of ‘Rainbow Bonus’ to put on an amazing skiing performance. Try your best NOT to kill yourself! Much fun, guys! The mouse is the only key to play this game.

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