Mummy Ball

Light Switch

How To Play

Use the mouse to draw lines & move ball.

Game Details

Mummy Ball (Last Updated: January 12, 2021)

Mummy BallAre you looking for some good adventure puzzle games for free? Here, we have a really interesting one in store for you all – that’s, Mummy Ball. A total of 32 challenging levels are awaiting you!

Before taking on the actual mission, the players need to receive basic lessons; but firstly, please choose your mummy ball. When starting the tutorial, you’ll learn how to control the character. Use the hand displaying on the screen, you’ll be able to move the ball, draw guide lines, as well as knock out the hostiles. The main objective in each round is to enter the exit after collecting all the keys. If the item is placed at high spots, you’re asked to create lines with magic sand. Beat in mind, a line stays active for 6s and disappears when you draw other lines.

Try to instruct your Mummy Ball to grab coins and stun enemies. Will you succeed? Let’s find out!

How To Play

Use the mouse to draw lines & move ball.

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