Clicker Heroes Mercenaries

Clicker Heroes Mercenaries

Undoubtedly, you cannot find any idle-clicker game better than Clicker Heroes Mercenaries out there.

As the game starts, you will be taken to an epic adventure in which you have to accomplish many tasks, from defeating monsters to finding treasures and upgrading heroes.

Together with the classic Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes is also considered as one of the best incremental games – these two have set the clicker genre on the next level.

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  • Over 1000 zones to progress through
  • Hire and level up dozens of heroes, each with unique skills
  • Find ancients for powerful boosts
  • Up to 9 active skills available to use in battle


What do you need to do in Clicker Heroes Mercenaries?

Like other idle games, all you have to do is just clicking.

Once playing, quickly click on the creature displaying on the right of the screen in order to damage and eventually kill it. Sounds simple, right? With each kill, you will earn gold which later can be used to upgrade clicking abilities and purchase more characters.

Depending on the level you are at and strength indicator of each enemy, the reward may change.

The gameplay is similar to Cookie Clicker in some way.

As soon as in-game characters are unlocked, they will take charge of your job; since then, the mission continually runs without you needing to do anything.

So, what is the primary goal here?

You must obtain a currency called the "hero soul", which can unlock powerful heroes called Ancients and offer players 10% damage bonus. Starting from zone 100, bosses will drop hero souls once they get killed. In addition, for every 2000 levels, you will be rewarded with a hero soul.

Keep in mind that hero souls are not immediately available.

The tip is – immediately buy the hero named Amenhotep and equip him with the ability called Ascension. Once that ability is activated, players can ascend, meaning the game will be reset; this makes the previous hero soul collecting process available to be spent on Ancients.

Ancients are permanent within Transcendence. Put it simply, the bonus you obtained on Ancients can be remained even though you have to hire and level all the regular heroes again. Thus, the game will become a bit easier every time you purchase Ancients.

If you are given enough hero souls, then simple transcend, a step to access to Outsiders for the Ancients’ power amplification.  


This idle game is developed by Playsaurus, an American indie studio.

Many claimed that it is a spin-off of Playsaurus’s Cloudstone as the developer uses most of the graphics from that game.

Release Date

Clicker Heroes was originally released in July 2014 for home computers and one year later for mobile devices. Additionally, it is available on Steam since May 2015.


The title can be played on any web browser game.

If you don’t want to enjoy it on your PC, then no worry as you can download it for your smartphone or tablet as an Android or iOS game.


Use only the mouse to play Clicker Heroes Mercenaries.


Clicker Heroes Mercenaries received many positive praises from the critics and gaming community. Following this success, Playsaurus continues launching Clicker Heroes 02 which will also not disappoint you.

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