Annoying Red Box

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Annoying Red Box (Last Updated: January 6, 2021)

Annoying Red Box

Welcome to Annoying Red Box, a fun physics-based slingshot shooting game, all players! In this game, there’s an important task waiting for you to carry out. Let’s get started!

It’s late at night, and you’re amazed by the night scene of the beautiful city. However, the appearance of some red boxes in the sky makes you annoyed. The major goal here is – using a slingshot and balls to knock down all the objects. Aim carefully and shoot accurately to get through a total of 18 levels amazingly. Once they fall off the platforms clearly, you succeed! In each level, you’re given a certain number of balls and limited time. Before running out of balls or time, the players must complete the quest; otherwise, they will fail. Try to use as few balls as possible to receive a high score, remember.

Make the red blocks tumble off the screen in Annoying Red Box, guys. Much fun!

Hit the mouse to interact here.

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