Grandpa Run 3D

Light Switch
  • Guide your grandpa with the WASD or arrow keys
  • In-game interaction with the mouse

Game Details

Grandpa Run 3D

Grandpa Run 3D

Play the most addictive running game – Grandpa Run 3D – from today!

Some may think the game about grandpa is boring; however, it’s actually opposite – you’ll experience all the fun and excitement in this skill-based endless runner game.

Guess what?

Our protagonist here has escaped from the mental hospital and your mission here is to guide him through the streets safely without causing any accident. Don’t let the doctor catch him up or he will be locked forever.


In Grandpa Run 3D, players’ primary task is to take control of a poor old man who’s just run away from his doctors. The goal is simple: all you need is to accompany him to travel as far as possible and collect all the coins entirely on the streets.

The more coins you earn, the more power-ups and boosters you can unlock. Make use of those advanced items to enhance the character’s running capacity. While moving, try to dodge over cars, garbage cans, or any obstacle that could stop your grandpa from completing his race.

Survive as long as you can for a chance rank the first spot on the Leaderboard.

Tips and tricks

  • Duck to avoid getting hit
  • Jump to avoid objects
  • Destroy objects for extra points
  • Coins are used to unlock new costumes and buy upgrades


  • Guide your grandpa with the WASD or arrow keys
  • In-game interaction with the mouse


Run, jump, dash, and slide all the way in Grandpa Run 3D!

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