Curve Ball

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The mouse is all you need when playing this game.

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Curve Ball

Curve Ball

Do you love all the games regarding ‘ping pong’? If you do, you surely can’t miss the new 3D version of Pong, called Curve Ball. Tie your shoelaces tightly and get ready to play against the CPU.

The major goal is about saving the ball for a maximum amount of time. Control the 3D paddle to keep the object as well as sending it back at your opponent. Hit the ball with the edge of your paddle for faster-spin and super-curve bonuses. Never mind showing off your excellent ‘pong’ skills to gain a high score. How many levels can you clear before running out of balls? In each stage, try to make some outstanding goals for extra points. The longer you play the harder yet more exciting the whole process will be. Will you set a remarkable score on the Leaderboard?

It’s the right time to turn on your PC and have fun with Curve Ball. Have great 3D experience here!

The mouse is all you need when playing this game.

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