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Yeti Sensation

Yeti Sensation

Are you familiar with Yeti or The Big Foot?

If yes, then you can’t ignore Yeti Sensation, one of the famous endless runner games in our website. You’ll be taken to the North Pole where a real living Yeti are living in an ancient icy cave. As the winter is coming, he needs to prepare for his hibernation.

Can you help him collect as many fruits as possible?

Hit PLAY and get yourself ready for the upcoming challenges!

How to Play?

Here, your task as Yeti is to make your way through snowy roads in the cold weather while avoiding obstacles, collecting berries, and taking sharp turns. Be careful of a huge variety of traps and other obstacles. There are many power ups to earn as many points as possible.

Your Yeti also loves to eat sweet berries, so try not to miss a single one. Accumulating the money at the end of each level so that you can buy plenty of useful things in the shop.

In addition, don’t forget to collect various bonuses and run as far much as you can.


  • Featuring Yeti – the Big Foot creature
  • Huge variety of traps
  • Lots of bonuses to achieve
  • Boosts are available in the market
  • Intense background music
  • Fast-paced and heart-racing gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on May 4, 2016.


Yeti Sensation can be played on all browsers and devices.


Gemioli developed Yeti Sensation.


  • Click the left mouse to jump and select path
  • Hold the left mouse to slide


Pack your bags and enjoy the cold run in Yeti Sensation!

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