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Escape from Aztec

Escape from Aztec

Earn your freedom back by playing Escape from Aztec now!

In this game, you happened to steal King Aztec’s greatest treasure. That was a big mistake, and now you’re unsurprisingly being hunted! In order to survive from this mysterious place, all you need is to run and run hard.

How far can you escape?

Put on your shoes and show us your running skills!

How to Play?

The place where Aztec located is an endless maze that only a few people know the way-out. As soon as reaching there, you have to run as fast as possible without causing any accidents. Otherwise, you will get captured right away, and bad things may happen to you!

While running, make sure to avoid tree trunks, boulders and ancient ruins. Inspired by Temple Run, the gameplay here is similar – move side by side, jump, and slide your way skillfully to find your freedom.

Collect treasures so that you can purchase a variety of power-ups, such as coin magnets, extra lives, invincibility, and mega-boost


  • Classic endless runner game
  • Plenty of traps to be aware of
  • Various power-ups to unlock with coins
  • 3D-like environment built with Aztec theme
  • Easy yet addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on April 8, 2019.


Escape from Aztec can be played on all browsers and devices.


Market JS developed Escape from Aztec.


The arrows are to move, jump, and crouch.


Will you be able to Escape from Aztec?

Enjoy the online version of Temple Run here!

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