Where is the Ball

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Where is the Ball

Where is the Ball

Looking for some fun guessing game?

Our recommendation for today is "Where is the Ball"!

This is a very familiar game, and I bet you definitely know it. You need to guess the correct cup in which the ball is present. Click START now and see how easy it is when playing "Where is the Ball"!

How to Play?

On the main screen, you will see 3 cups. There is a ball placed under a cup, and then all 3 of them will alternate positions between them, randomly. After that, you have to guess which cup is having the ball. Sounds simple, right?

  • Keep an eye on which cup is hiding the ball
  • Click on the cup having the ball underneath

Once the cups finish switching around, simply click on the cup with the ball in it. If your guess is correct, the cups will move again and again. As the game progress, you’ll be dealing with a super fast speed, now it is no longer easy. To make it even more challenging, there will be fake switches, so be careful.

Keep your eyes focused at all times when playing this truly classic game.


  • 3 cups moving randomly
  • The cups’ and background’s color can be customized
  • The number of cups can be adjusted
  • Cool-math gameplay with a simple control

Release Date:

This game was released on May 21, 2022.


Play "Where is the Ball" for free on any of your browsers.


Trezegames developed "Where is the Ball."


Select the cup with the left mouse.

Can you work it out?

Have fun with "Where is the Ball"!

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