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Choco Factory

Choco Factory

Have you ever dreamed of working in Choco Factory?

If yes, then this is your chance!

Today you will work as a chocolate maker. Your mission is to make incredibly delicious treats without causing any trouble. There are tons of orders waiting for you, so let’s start the chain of production.

How to Play?

As soon as the game starts, your journey in Choco Factory also begins.

To make sweet choco candy, the very first ingredient is cacao. In each level, you need to collect and stack all cacaos on the way. Lead those to different machines which help convert your cacaos into tasty chocolate. The more final products you deliver to the finish line, the more money you will gain.

While moving, avoid hands as well as greedy eaters that could steal your chocolate and various obstacles that could destroy them. Otherwise, you will have nothing to sell once reaching the destination.

More challenges are awaiting you ahead!


  • Interesting cacao-stacking platformer
  • Different machines for making chocolate
  • Various obstacles and traps
  • Money to unlock more surprises
  • Addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on June 4, 2022.


Play Choco Factory for free on any of your browsers.


YSO Corp. developed Choco Factory.


Stack cacaos with the left mouse.


You all are welcomed to Choco Factory! To make your business big, it’s a must to produce a lot of delicious chocolates and earn as much money as possible.

Good luck!

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