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Wheel Race 3D

Wheel  Race 3D

Become a true master of the roads in this new game: Wheel Race 3D!

This is an exciting game to play in which you need to switch various tires while driving according to the terrain change. Here you will drive your huge 4×4 vehicle and take it to the final destination on each of the maps.

Are you ready?

It’s time to hop on your car and enjoy stunning views.

How to Play?

Before the race starts, quickly pick your vehicle among 8 different options.

The ultimate goal in Wheel Race 3D is to be the first person reaching the finish line among all racers. When encountering different roads, you need to change tires suitable for different terrains for your car. Always check the speed of the car; otherwise, it will get slower and slower.

In other to win against your opponents, you must always prepare for environmental changes. Look at different tires at the bottom of the screen if you want to switch. Remember to change before reach the new surface.

Move strategically to bring home the trophy!


  • Nice 3D colorful graphics and addictive gameplay
  • Different cars to unlock
  • Different tire options to choose from
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

The game was released on October 15, 2021.


Play Wheel Race 3D on web browser (desktop and mobile).


It’s BPTop developed this racing game.


The left mouse is to switch tires.


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