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Looking for an exciting adventure running game?

Our suggestion for today is VEX 7! This is the new installment of the extremely popular and addictive stickman game series called VEX. Take control of a stickman and guide him to avoid all kinds of obstacles and traps.

There are a lot of new things are waiting for your exploration. Be well-prepared for the upcoming adventure and try to complete it safe and sound.

How to Play?

VEX is back with the 7th chapter!

With many new levels, your mission here is to survive till the very end. Jump from platform to platform and avoid countless traps (spikes, shooting knives, falling blocks, etc.)  Make use of the double jump potion to reach places that you couldn’t before, and stay away from the security cameras triggering the laser beams.

In order to fly or make a long jump, try to collect parachutes, TNTs, and elixirs. When completing each level, you will receive coins which can be used to unlock appearances for your character.


  • Action platform parkour game
  • Super new traps and tools
  • Many new levels to challenge
  • 89 appearances and 19 achievements to unlock
  • Hardcore mode

Release Date:

This game was released on October 31, 2022.


VEX 7 is playable on modern browsers.

Developer: developed VEX 7.


  • Move with AD or the left/right arrows
  • Jump with W or the up arrow
  • Slide with S or the down arrow


Let’s continue the very long adventure in VEX 7!

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