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Motorcross Hero

Motorcross Hero

When it comes to riding motorbikes, most people really get excited about it.

Here, Motorcross Hero is a free racing game where you will control your motocross bike across the desert. Thrilling and challenging, this game gives you a chance to perform a lot of cool tricks. Plus, you can speed up, race, and devastate your opponents in record time.

How long can you stay in the game? Play and see!

How to Play?

Once hitting the PLAY button, you need to get on your motorbike and compete against other racers in this exciting MX motorsports game. Jump off of hills, avoid dangerous obstacles (potholes and large cracks), and overtake your opponents in each race. Show off all the tricks that you’ve got to gain as many points as possible.

Don’t lean too far forward, don’t lean too far back; also, you shouldn’t go up or down too fast. Just fasten enough speed to beat the others. Balance is the key to win the challenge in Motorcross Hero!

Please note that you have only 3 lives to complete the race!


  • Fast and fun-paced racing game
  • Lots of vehicles and obstacles
  • Various cool tricks to perform
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Simple controls

Release Date:

This game was released on October 5, 2022.


Motorcross Hero is playable on modern browsers.


Addicting Games developed Motorcross Hero.


  • Use D or the right arrow to accelerate
  • Use A or the left arrow to brake
  • Use W/S or the up/down arrows to switch lanes


Can you outlast your opponents?

Race your bike through the desert in Motorcross Hero!

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