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Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots

Here comes a very fun game for you: Tap Tap Shots!

In this awesome endless basketball tapping game, your goal is to score as many consecutive baskets as possible. Grab your basketball and make accurate shots. Try to push the ball into the net which will change the height in each level.

What high score can you register?

It’s time to show off your basketball skills!

How to Play?

As I said, all you have to do is to score as many consecutive shots as possible. You are presented with a ball and a series of different height nets to shoot at. For each consecutive basket, you’ll earn a higher number of points. Each shot has a set time limit to complete so act fast. Analyze the ball’s movement and the shot’s angle required to successfully score many points.

After the first basket you throw, the ball will be on fire, so try to throw the basket before the ball burns and the time runs out.

Once the timer expires, game over!


  • Endless basketball tapping game
  • The ring’s height constantly changing after every level
  • The ball on fire after the first shot
  • Time limit available
  • Easy controls

Release Date:

This game was released on March, 2018.


You can play it on both desktop and mobile.


Maximiliano Demonte developed Tap Tap Shots.


Bounce up with the left mouse.


Score as many point as you can in Tap Tap Shots before the time runs out!

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