Stray Brothers 3D

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Stray Brothers 3D

Stray Brothers 3D

Let kitties fight dogs in Stray Brothers 3D!

This is a cute skill game in which you can roam around the street with other cats and fight against big, aggressive dogs. If you are a big kitty lover, especially the orange ones, then you can’t ignore Stray Brothers 3D.

The fun gameplay and cute graphics will definitely snatch your heart from the first time playing.

Give it a try from today!

How to Play?

Once tapping the START button, you will become a kitty which is now running around the course. Not actually looking for food, it is instead recruiting more cats to join the gang. The more the merrier; in this case, the more the stronger. They plan to take revenge on the bad dog at the end of the road in each level.

Increase your cat fighting power this way by choosing the math’s formula that you feel like it will add more numbers to your kitty gang. At the same time, it’s a must to dodge obstacles, or some cats may die.

Reach the finish line and throw out the ball of wool to earn extra points.


  • Great obstacle course platform game
  • Featuring math element and an obstacle course
  • Battling against a big dog in each level
  • Cute 3D graphics
  • Easy yet addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on October 24, 2022.


Stray Brothers 3D can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.


Y8 Studio developed Stray Brothers 3D.


Drag your left mouse to move left or right.


Go to Stray Brothers 3D and create your own gang of stray cats to beat evil dog!

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