2 Player Dino Run

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2 Player Dino Run

2 Player Dino Run

Today on our website, we’re going to present a really entertaining dinosaur adventure – that’s, 2 Player Dino Run. Two dinosaurs are the main character in this new adventure, as you can see.

With this game, you can challenge your friend!

Players, the main characters here are two dinosaurs who need your assistance to run away and save themselves from extinction. The dino characters have different colors so that you can easily identify which one is your avatar and which one your friend is taking control.

How to Play?

2 Player Dino Run is a game with retro pixel art visuals where two dinosaurs need to start an infinite running adventure. While running, their objective is to avoid the pitfalls along the way. The game advances much faster and the level will get more difficult as progressing. Be extremely careful as there are flying dinosaurs and cacti between the obstacles.

You can choose the color for your dinosaur in the game. Make sure to keep the dino character alive for as long as possible by jumping over the cacti. They are very deadly, so the journey will end anyway with just a light touch.

When pressing the PLAY button, your dinosaur character will jump, because while he is running, there are going to be obstacles like rocks, trees or other dinosaurs appearing on the road. If playing alone, you have to protect both dinos and jump over each and every one of the dangers that you will encounter in order to finish this new challenge with the highest score.

Have a wonderful time!


  • Infinity running adventure
  • Plenty of obstacles to dodge
  • Various dino characters in different colors
  • Old-style pixel art graphics
  • Multiplayer mode is available
  • Simple controls

Release Date:

This game was released on November 11, 2022.


2 Player Dino Run can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.


Y8 Studio developed 2 Player Dino Run.


  • Player 1: Jump with W and duck with S
  • Player 2: Jump and duck with ↑ and ↓

Don’t want to play with your friend?

It’s okay, why don’t you jump into 2 Player Dino Run and challenge yourself by controlling both at the same time!

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