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Squid Game Bomb Bridge

Squid Game Bomb Bridge

Get ready for the upcoming Squid Game Bomb Bridge!

Cross the bridge laced with bombs and survive! Watch your steps and surroundings cautiously. A small mistake can take away your life! Become a poor citizen and face a tough test of survival to bring home a large sum of money.

Will you have the courage?

In this game, you can race against yourself and time, or you can compete with another real player and try to win the race.

How to Play?

Once the mission starts, you have to cross the bridge filled with bombs. The goal is to reach another side; however, there are plenty of bombs on the bridge – jumping on them can only make you explode. Let’s see how lucky you are!

Some blocks are safe, so try to jump on them until you get to the finish line.

The game follows the format of the glass bridge game from the popular Netflix series; instead of the glass tiles that can shatter, some of the blocks here have bombs in them. Step on them, and you will explode and lose. Then you have to start all over again! Try to cross the bridge in the shortest time for the victory!

There’s only one safe path leading to the finish line…be careful!


  • A path full of deadly traps
  • Two-player mode is available
  • Addictive gameplay filled with intense and thrill
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

Squid Game Bomb Bridge was added on November 4, 2021.


Enjoy this fascinating action game on web browser.


It was developed by Hihoy Games.


Single player mode: run with WASD, jump with spacebar/G

Two-player mode:

– Player 1:

  • Run with WASD
  • Jump with G

– Player 2:

  • Run with arrows
  • Jump with L


Can you survive to the very last moment?

Let’s challenge now!

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