Skate Hooligans

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Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans

Skate through the city in Skate Hooligans!

Meet the best street skaters here and join them in the upcoming adventure. Run away from the chase of a police guy and dodge over all obstacles on the way. Sounds similar to Subway Surfers, right?

But, this game still has its own colors and deserves to try.

Choose a character to accompany and start RUNNING!

How to Play?

Is the best skateboard already bought? Is the incredibly cool hero chosen?

As soon as the game starts, you will become a little hooligan who broke a window’s glass with a ball. A policeman is coming after you, so the only way is to escape using skateboard. While skating through narrow streets full of traffic and objects, make sure to not collide with any obstacles or the game will be over.

Keep skating to get scores as much as you can. Collect coins to purchase upgrades, unlock new skateboards and new characters!


  • 3D endless runner game
  • Many cool skateboards for unlocking with coins
  • Narrow streets with full of objects
  • Fascinating and addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

This game was released on January 9, 2020.


It is playable in any modern browser and on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.


Gemioli developed Skate Hooligans.


  • Move with AD or left/right arrows
  • Jump with W or up arrow
  • Slide with S or down arrow


What are we waiting for?

Let’s ride through the streets, jump on carriages, collect coins and avoid being caught by a policeman! Have fun with Skate Hooligans!

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