Super Heroes Ball

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Super Heroes Ball

Super Heroes Ball

Have you tried out Super Heroes Ball yet?

In this new exciting adventure game, you will reunite with all superheroes from Marvel Comics. Who is your most favorite one? Once entering the main arena, the first hero to play with is Spiderman.

Help him fight against Thanos and other enemies in all levels in order to recover the infinity gems and bring back the peace of the land.

How to Play?

Go through all the levels to save the day with the superhero balls!

Your goal is to reach the end of each of them to proceed to the next one. Roll and jump until reaching the portal. Along the way, make sure to avoid getting hit or killed Thanos’ minions; at the same time, be careful as you can fall into pits or collide with obstacles as well as deadly traps.

As soon as you destroy all enemies in one stage, you will move to another stage which is even more difficult. Use the power-ups to get rid of all villains and gain the ultimate victory. Don’t forget to collect all the stars scattered!

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  • Different superheroes from Marvel Universe
  • A bunch of enemies to deal with
  • Stars and power-ups to collect in each level
  • Fun and interesting gameplay
  • Nice graphics and simple controls

Release Date:

This game was released on August 24, 2021.


You can play it on both desktop and mobile.


­TapTapKing developed Super Heroes Ball.


Move and jump with AWD or the arrows.


Good luck to wish all, and we want to invite you to enjoy Super Heroes Ball for hours for more fun to come!

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