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Run Destiny Choice

Run Destiny Choice

Here comes Run Destiny Choice, a game of destiny!

Have you ever played something in which every choice of yours can affect your destiny permanently? If no, then try now with Run Destiny Choice on this site! Between an evil demon and a good angel, which one do you want to become?

Well, it’s all up to your choice!

In this running arcade game, you need to determine where you want to stay in the afterlife. Let’s get started!

How to Play?

Once entering the main arena, you will have to make choices for your afterlife.

Walk through a long platform full of options which can determine who you will become in each level. You need to choose between angel and devil. Want to go to the Heaven? Then go with the option making you a better person. Pick up the books to read and do charity works when moving on the obstacle course. Stay away from all the evil temptations!

Keep improving your morality till reaching the finish to have a ticket to the Heaven.

But if you don’t want to follow the crowd, then make rebellious choices and become one of evil demons in the Hell.


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Interesting, entertaining and addictive gameplay
  • Plenty of choices to make
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

The game was added on February 7, 2022.


Play Run Destiny Choice on mobile device or PC.


It was developed by


Use the mouse to move your character and collect items.


Which entrance of the afterlife will you enter at the end of each level?

Play Run Destiny Choice and make your decision!

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