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Relic Runway

Relic Runway

If you’ve played Temple Run or Escape From Azte, then Relic Runway is also a familiar running game.

Here, you are taken to different places in the world for adventures, such as the Incas, the Great Wall of China and mysterious Egyptian tombs. The running journey will never stop! All you need is to save yourself from the mythical guardian chase because you’ve stolen its precious relics.

How far will you be able to go? Play and see!

How to Play?

Inspired by Temple Run 2, this game also has Indiana Jones style where you will travel to an Inca temple and search for ancient relics. Run quickly and save yourself from the enemy behind. There will be a huge number of different dangers. While moving on the path, make sure to collect as much gold coins, gems or bonuses.

Later they can be used to upgrade bonuses and unlock new characters. Skill and adrenaline will be a key ability helping you survive the fast paced challenges. The game also test your reflexes with all the falling columns and collapsing floors.

Pick up relic parts to discover the mysteries entirely!


  • Exciting crazy running game
  • A lot of adventures and new features
  • Gold coins, gems or bonuses to collect
  • Many new characters to unlock
  • Colorful 3D graphics

Release Date:

This game was released on September 19, 2019.


Relic Runway is a perfect game to play on desktop and mobile devices.


Gemioli developed Relic Runway.


  • Move with AD or ←→
  • Jump with W or ↑
  • Slide with S or ↓


Compete with your friends in Relic Runway and be the best relic runner ever!

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