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Real Squid 3D

Real Squid 3D

Get ready for a new adventure in Real Squid 3D!

Are you good at calculating? If yes, then tap START and show us your ability! In this game, you will create the biggest team of squids and guide them to the finish. Be careful – all kinds of traps are waiting for you.

To gain a victory, you must have a good strategy and quick reflexes. Making wrong decisions can’t help you unlock the most valuable rewards.

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How to Play?

Real Squid 3D is an exciting game in which you can have a totally entertaining time completing the task while doing some mathematical operations. Once starting, you – as a lonely squid – will move with agility on an obstacle course. The mission is to increase your army of squids. The more squids you gather, the further you will go on the podium and the greater the reward is.

When you have to make choices between doors, go with the ones with larger numbers to increase the number of squids. Avoid numbers with red as well as traps that can deduct the squid quantity.


  • Dynamic and exciting 3D arcade game
  • Numerous number of obstacles and traps
  • Casual, addicting gameplay
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

The game was added on February 9, 2022.


You can play this game on web browsers.


It was developed by JustForward.


Move the mouse left and right to move.


Enjoy the game Real Squid 3D for free here!

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