Project Alnilam

Light Switch
Use the ADSW/arrow keys to move items.

Game Details

Project Alnilam (Last Updated: December 29, 2020)

Project Alnilam

Don’t let a spectacular and fascinating game like Project Alnilam slip out of your hand, all guys! It not only leads you to the space full of funny features, but also helps practice your capacity of solving all problems. Come on! Illustrate your keen intelligence here now!

In the game, a big pack of magnetic and challenging levels is waiting for your discovery, guys! So as to master each one of them, it’s essential to tilt the game board so that green ball is transferred to the marked position. Don’t let it fall out of the board, or you will fail in the current level, remember! At times, blocks and other obstacles will get it stuck and prevent it from coming to the destination. Besides, the 3D graphic will cause some difficulties for you in each task of each level. Be wise to avoid them.

It’s amazing to become players of Project Alnilam, guys! It’s really more wonderful than you think.

How To Play

Use the ADSW/arrow keys to move items.

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