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Muscle Rush

Muscle Rush

Have you put on much weight these days?

It’s time to get fit with Muscle Rush!

Play this fun new running game and you can muscle up throughout levels. From a bulging body, will you be able to turn into a person with a perfect shape within or less than 7 days?

Click PLAY to find out!

How to Play?

Your mission in Muscle Rush is to run through challenging obstacle courses. As always, never bump into any barrier on the track or the game will stop. The longer you run, the bigger and tougher your body will become. Grab all the energy drinks and batteries on your way to grow your muscles faster.

Don’t forget to collect piles of money as well for an opportunity to buy plenty of wonderful stuff for your character, especially cool skins. If you look for something more challenging, then enter thrilling arm-wrestling boss battles to defeat an ever-wilder array of muscle-bound bullies.

Do you have what it takes to become the best runner in Muscle Rush?

Let’s run till the very end for the victory!


  • Fast and ferocious gameplay
  • An endless variety of obstacle courses
  • Tons of rewards and skins to unlock
  • Epic arm-wrestling boss fights

Release Date:

Muscle Rush was released on 10 March 2021.


This free online game is provided by

You can play it online in your browser on your PC, mobile, and tablet devices.


Muscle Rush is a game of SayGames Ltd.


Use the mouse to control the character.


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