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Spiral Roll 2

Spiral Roll 2

Are you searching for a really good skill game?

You won’t feel disappointed once visiting our website. Here, we have Spiral Roll 2, the latest edition of Spiral Roll, for you to challenge. Don’t miss out this sequel because more fun levels are awaiting your self-exploration.

What is the upcoming task?

Tap PLAY and you will surely have a very good time!

How to Play?

Spiral Roll 2 is completely different from other skill games where you have to run or jump. Here, you need to control a knife. Move it on the track in order to cut the wood and create a spiral roll as large as possible. Then, throw that roll into the air at the right time to remove all the obstacles and traps ahead.

If you fail, then they can block your way stopping you from continuing the adventure.

Try to make the wood roll as big as you can to earn a higher score. Your ultimate goal is to have the roll fall over the bonus points in the water at the end of each stage for extra points.


  • 3D colorful and attractive graphics
  • Meditating gameplay
  • Plenty of levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

Spiral Roll 2 was officially released on April 8, 2020.


This cool skill game can be played on either web browser or mobile.


YAD.Com is the site developed Spiral Roll 2.


Simply use the mouse if you want to play the game.


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