Modern Blocky Paint

Modern Blocky Paint

Experience the multiplayer battle against players from all over the world now!

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast, then Modern Blocky Paint is a worth-playing game.

What make this 3D multiplayer shooter incredible?

Created in Unity, the game leaves a very big impression with its stunning graphics and excellent gameplay. Players will be blown away because of the notable design of your character’s weapons – everything is perfect, even the smallest detail.

When getting started, you will receive a list of playable maps.

The updated version in 2018 has included 10 unique and different places where lots of brutal battles will be set in. Moreover, those are the ideal location to hold the intense combat between the blue and red team. You can choose a particular team to take part in and fight for the team’s ultimate victory.

Modern Blocky Paint is a very popular game played from all around the world.


  • Make adventures with a total of 10 cool maps
  • The protagonist is equipped with 4 awesome paint guns including a launcher
  • Play Modern Blocky Paint with two game modes
  • Nice blocky graphics and objects
  • Excellent gameplay


Are you ready for the upcoming challenge?

This wild multiplayer action game asks players from all around the planet to take on a survival mission. Once started, quickly equip yourself with a paintball gun and hit all the enemies before being hit.

Blue and Red – which team will you fight for?

Will you be able to survive in all exciting battle arenas?

Inspired by Minecraft, Modern Blocky Paint is an irresistible first person shooting game taking place in a huge splendid blocky world featuring the pixelated graphics.

This FPS title gives you a quest: joining in an epic fight using paintball guns instead of conventional weapons. However, all the guns availed in the game are deadly, which means you can defeat any of your opponents with well-aimed shots.

A range of different maps is available in the updated version.

You will be up to many various shooting combats against your opponents in specific places. Simply choose the weapon you prefer most – you may want to try the paintball shotgun or paintball machine gun.

Modern Blocky Paint is a good occasion to prove your fighting skills.

Travel around each map and knock out all members of the enemy team for the win.


This 3D multiplayer shooter was made by Mentolatux.

Release Date

The release of the game was in November 2016, and it was also updated in February 2018.


Modern Blocky Paint is a web browser Unity game.


  • Move with WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump with Spacebar
  • Aim and shoot with the left mouse
  • Run with Shift
  • Access the menu with Tab


Can’t handle the game’s excitement, can you?

Jump into Slope Game and become a part of Modern Blocky Paint’s online community. Hold your gun tightly and conquer the blocky paint arena right away!

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Have fun!

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