Extreme Heli Boarding

Light Switch
Ride the snowboard: The arrows.
Jump: Spacebar.

Game Details

Extreme Heli Boarding (Last Updated: December 31, 2020)

Extreme Heli BoardingTake part in Extreme Heli Boarding and plat the role of the pilot here! What’s going on here? Well, his helicopter suddenly has problems, so he needs to find other people for help. Guess what? He’s on the top of a snowy mountain! How to climb down dangerous slopes? The best solution at this moment is – making use of the available snowboard and riding down. Bear in mind, this place is quite steep, so be careful! Guide the man to perform ultimate stunts and tricks (ex. Arial flips) to overcome a variety of deadly obstacles as well as earning the highest score. While moving, also ask him to grab the golden stars (extra time) and silver stars (bonus points). Oh, the clock is ticking; that’s why players must reach the finish line before running out of time. This game also offers the ‘checkpoint’! Don’t cause any mistake, or the pilot will stay on the mountain permanently. Ride the snowboard: The arrows.
Jump: Spacebar.

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