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Giant Race

Giant Race

Look for a game combining parkour and fighting?

If yes, prepare yourself and participate in Giant Race!

Run to the main arena and collect the mini stickmen of the same color to make yourself bigger and stronger. Lots of things are waiting for you ahead – just one small mistake and your size will be affected negatively.

Challenge yourself now!

How to Play?

Run without looking back in Giant Race!

Your mission is to guide the protagonist in this exciting obstacle race. Pass through all kinds of traps and collect as many mini you as possible. Make sure they have the same color as your character so that he can gain more strength and energy to face the boss giant in a melee battle at the end of the course.

This game will test your superb reflexes! Run non-stop and skillfully avoid mini stickmen having different colors from yours or your strength will be decreased. Also, don’t forget to collect diamonds to unlock more accessories in the store.

Complete each level to earn score and beat all records.


  • Funny hyper-casual running game
  • Various obstacles and traps on the platform
  • Plenty of updates for your character
  • Exciting and challenging gameplay
  • Simple control

Release Date:

This game was released on July 24, 2022.


Giant Race is playable on your desktop or mobile.


DDSH developed Giant Race.


Simply move with the left mouse.


Move your funny character in Giant Race to pass all obstacles on the road!

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