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Gem Stacker

Gem Stacker

People always have genuine admiration for precious stones on earth. But, they would be more amazed if knowing the progress of making them.

Gem Stacker gives you an opportunity to witness that moment!

For those wondering about the process of creating diamond rings, you shouldn’t miss the chance playing this game. Hone in your skills here and see if you can become the best jewelry master!

How to Play?

In Gem Stacker, you need to turn raw gems to rings!

Look at the hand floating on the screen – you need to guide it to pick up the geodes scattered on the platform. Then deliver them all to the crusher to remove the rocky dirt shell. Now you can see the precious stone inside, so let’s move to the next step!

Push those stones through the gates where they can be cut into various shapes. They need to be soaked in the water for the polish. Last but not least, mount all of the gems onto rings, or make earrings, necklaces and more.

Be careful of obstacles (red walls, spikes, blades, pools of dark, and oily water), or the gems can be stained, damaged or even lost along the way.

Earn money with your wonderful gems!


  • Unique hyper-casual running game
  • Various gemstone shapes
  • Tons of obstacles and traps to avoid
  • Incredible 3D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on September 24, 2022.


Gem Stacker is playable on your desktop or mobile.


2Play developed Gem Stacker.


Move your gem by pressing the left mouse.


Become a real jewelry master in Gem Stacker! 

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