Falling Down Stairs

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Falling Down Stairs

Falling Down Stairs

Never before has Falling Down Stairs been so much fun!

Ever considered how it might feel to roll down the stairs? If you said "yes," my friend, then this game is for you! Let’s start playing the game if you’re prepared to let yourself to descend the steps.

You and your opponents plummet down this bottomless spiral ladder using the weird rag-dolls. Avoiding obstacles along the path will give you the best chance of winning against your rivals.

It will give you a wonderful time!

How to Play?

You must completely disengage from reality in order to play Falling Down Stairs since you need to go down the stairs. Be at ease, though! No harm will come to you! When getting ready, you can start playing right away.

As soon as pressing the "PLAY" button, your rag-doll will immediately begin to move. Direct him in any direction. Remember that you won’t be traveling alone on this journey as there will also be other participants. You can always push them down the stairs, and they can do the same to you as well!

Your goal is to earn the greatest score possible because this is the endless stairs.

Avoid spikes and make an effort not to fall down the stairs. Otherwise, the game ends and your rag-doll will die. Are you ready to go down these countless steps?

Wish you all the best!


  • High-scored arcade game featuring rag-dolls
  • Awesome physic with a lot of levels
  • Various obstacles to dodge
  • Endless stairs
  • Crazy gameplay and intuitive controls

Release Date:

This game was released on January 5, 2021.


Falling Down Stairs can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.

Developer: developed Falling Down Stairs.


Navigate your rag-doll with the left mouse.

Reach the end and make your name in the Leaderboard list of Falling Down Stairs!

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