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Bolly Beat

Bolly Beat

All-inclusive Bolly Beat game with unique prizes and music is here!

As you move the bouncing ball around the musical tiles to the beat of Bollywood music, your objective is to keep it moving. You will unlock more tracks as you complete more (especially 3-star) levels.

The music is really outrageous, the gameplay is addicting, and the art is great!

It’s worth playing, so don’t miss this game!

How to Play?

Bolly Beat is a great game of ball!

Start by picking your tune and getting things going. Dance forward to the beat of Bollywood music while holding this charming ball full of excitement. To get the greatest experience, my suggestion is to put on your headphones.

Obtain points to upgrade the ball’s style to your preference. Try your hardest to land the ball on the platforms while grabbing the gems and power-ups!

How much music can you play before the ball starts to jive?


  • Super fun ball game
  • Lots of beats of Bollywood music
  • Dozens of gems and power-ups
  • Various styles for the ball
  • Addictive gameplay with amazing graphics

Release Date:

This game was released on November 5, 2020.


Bolly Beat can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.


GameSnacks developed Bolly Beat.


Drag the left mouse to move the ball left or right.


How far can you make the ball dance to the beat of a good music?

Play Bolly Beat and have fun!

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