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Chute Board

Chute Board

Join us in this fast-paced Chute Board game today!

Here comes a chance to experience the pleasure of racing. To go the longest distance, you have to be extremely skillful and agile while controlling the skateboard. With nice 3D graphics and beautiful visual effect, you will have immersive feeling while playing.

Now, click START and enjoy the speed and passion in the game.

How to Play?

Are you ready to test your skateboarding skills? If yes, Chute Board is a perfect option to start such a thrilling adventure. Take control of a stickman and engage in a skateboarding competition against other rivals.

While moving on the road, you will see a lot of golden coins – collect them all to unlock new skins for your character. You can also purchase new skateboards in Shop – they all are modern and fashionable, and some look like a hoverboard. Stay focused while controlling the skateboard or you may get interrupted by evil gladiators at any time. Try to reach the finish line to complete a level.

Avoid obstacles or abysses; otherwise, the game will be over. Keep winning to achieve as many rewards as possible and improve your score.


– User-friendly gameplay
– 3D visual effects making the picture more realistic
– Simple control
– Many skins to unlock

Release Date:

It was added on December 7, 2021.


Have fun with this skating game on any of your browsers.


Navigate the left mouse to move your skater.


Good luck with Chute Board!

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