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Paper Flight Challenge

Paper Flight Challenge

We folded plenty of paper airplanes as kids and then tried to launch them into the air. Although we would have expected them to keep flying higher and higher, it doesn’t work that way. Luckily, now you guys have Paper Flight Challenge!

In this game, you can finally live out your childhood fantasy of flying a paper airplane! Guide a tiny paper plane safely through all of the obstacles. We wish you luck as you need to finish the challenge and get as many points as possible.

A small paper airplane needs to be piloted safely for the final victory!

How to Play?

Your objective in Paper Flight Challenge is easy yet difficult. This flight game requests you to assist small paper airplanes by navigating it to dodge obstacles showing up along the way and earn as many points as you can. Keep an eye out for obstructions both on the path and in the surrounding space.

Fly your paper aircraft with accuracy and delicacy. Your primitive plane will need your control to glide, dodge hazards, and explore four distinct worlds. Be careful because even a minor collision will cause your airplane to crash and game over.

You must take risks and successfully pass through all the obstacles if you want to accomplish a level completely. Your journey will begin in an office, go through the space, then dive into the oceans, and stop at a dangerous jungle! For the best score in the infinite mode, you must achieve the greatest distance.

Various paper planes can be unlocked in Shop!


  • Arcade flying game with many challenges
  • Four different worlds to discover
  • Lots of aircraft models to unlock
  • Nice graphics and music
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on December 14, 2022.


Paper Flight Challenge can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.


Gameloft SE developed Paper Flight Challenge.


Fly up with the left mouse.

In the casual game Paper Flight Challenge, you must direct the paper airplane to avoid obstacles and rack up as many points as you can.

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