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Penguin Run 3D

Penguin Run 3D

Penguin Run 3D is here, everyone!

Have you ever walked on ice? This game will make your dream come true – your task is to run through the ice-cold arctic and dodge all obstacles. Are you ready to take on this amazing adventure?

In the game, you will meet a very cute penguin. He needs to collect fishes so that he can unlock super power beneficial for your race.

Click PLAY and experience the amazing polar environment!

How to Play?

Once entering the main platform, you will find 4 other penguins in each level. To get the best rewards, you should give your best to be the first penguin reaching the finish line. Get through all the obstacles by sliding and jumping on the winter icy hills just like the real penguin do.

Guide your lil penguin to change its direction as he runs forward automatically. Dash past the ice obstacles and attack the ice giants. While moving toward the end, you must collect as much fish as possible, since that is your favorite food as a penguin. It can also improve your total score and make you bigger.

No need to avoid water as penguins can swim!

Let’s go on a 3D fun run with a click!


  • 3D running and jumping game
  • High quality graphics
  • Fish for purchasing advanced upgrades
  • Suitable for all kinds of ages
  • Easy and simple controls

Release Date:

This game was released on August 8, 2022.


Penguin Run 3D can be played online and on mobile apps.


Y8 Studio developed Penguin Run 3D.


Use the arrows to move left/right and jump.


Enjoy the winter icy and snow environment in Penguin Run 3D!

Good luck and we hope you share this game with your friends as well!

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