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Kings of Blow

Kings of Blow

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Have you guys heard about Kings of Blow?

In this simple yet unique game, all you need is to blow to beat your opponents. You can’t lose, or scary things will happen to you. Okay, now click START and jump into the main arena to see how strong your lungs are!

How to Play?

I bet you’ve never seen any game crazier than this one!

Do you want to eat a bug, ping pong ball, or even cockroach? Well, of course no one wants to taste those. Therefore, in Kings of Blow, you must try your best to blow and defeat all opponents using your lung power!

You can choose to inhale and exhale when you need to. But, the timing is a very important key to win each battle. Make sure to find the right moment to launch an attack and knock out your opponent within the shortest time.

Master the blowing skill as quickly as possible; otherwise, you have to face the "disgusting" punishment. Keep upgrading your blowing power to ensure victory in all the matches.


  • Special challenges to conquer
  • Opponents of different levels
  • New skins and items to unlock
  • Easy yet unique gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on May 24, 2022.


Play Kings of Blow for free on any of your browsers.


Nox Joy published Kings of Blow.


Blow with the left mouse.


Do you dare to have a try?

Play Kings of Blow and win the grand title!

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