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Headphone Rush

Headphone Rush

Jump into Headphone Rush and enjoy the best music game!

Meet a guy named Thomas who has a great love for music, and the item helping him connect to his passion is his special headphones. He literally can’t live apart from his headphones. In this game, he will have a chance to upgrade them, and you will become his company and help him with this.

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How to Play?

What to do in Headphone Rush?

Your task is to make sure that Thomas achieves the coolest and most modern headphones when reaching the finish line. To do that, you have to be focused to do the calculation at different gates. React quickly and run through the side offering the best answers.

Which is greater between 5 years and 55 weeks?

Click and see what will happen! If your answer is a small number, your headphones won’t have drastic changes. At the same time, stay away from the boxes minus your year as they can make your headphone life older. When reaching the final destination, you’ll know what year your headphones are in and proceed to a new level.


  • Super hyper-casual music game
  • Premium brand-new headphones
  • Various upgrades for your headphones
  • Exciting new songs
  • Beautiful 3D graphics

Release Date:

This game was added on July 7, 2022.


Headphone Rush can be played in modern browsers for free. 

Developer: developed Headphone Rush.


Use the left mouse for the movement.


Buy new upgrades and play Headphone Rush with fun!

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