Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt

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Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt

Happy Tree  Friends - Aggravated Asphalt

Welcome you all to Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt!

If you are a big fan of the Happy Tree Friends cartoon, you will feel familiar with this game. Here, you can meet again your favorite characters, such as Flippy, Toothy, and more.

After getting exercise, Flippy returned home and met Toothy riding his bike. Suddenly one of the bicycle wheels was popped by a tack, so Flippy picked it up. But Toothy ended up crashing into a trash can and an accident unexpectedly happened. Flippy nervously fled the scene and found out more odd things on the road.

How to Play?

Your task in Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt is to help Flippy run away from that mess as far as possible. Like other running games, there will be obstacles the protagonist needs to avoid including vehicles, ladders, etc. While running on the narrow path, don’t forget to collect useful items, such as coins, cash, and so on.

Jump and slide skillfully whenever seeing barriers. Make use of power-ups to overcome all difficulties and pick up 2 special items to trigger rage. Try to beat your new score every time playing.

It’s not good to take too much damage during the trip.


  • HTML5 endless runner mobile game
  • Based on Happy Tree Friends cartoon
  • Plenty of obstacles and characters
  • Special items to discover
  • Suitable for all ages

Release Date:

This game was released on January 24, 2020.


Play Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt for free on both desktop and mobile.


Y8 Studio released Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt.


Move, jump, and slide with the arrow keys.


Wish you all the best of luck in Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt!

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