Disappearing Path

Light Switch
Disappearing Path is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

Game Details

Disappearing Path (Last Updated: December 22, 2020)

Disappearing Path

Welcome all guys to Disappearing Path – a fabulous puzzle game! Devote to exploring each challenge here and checking your ingenuity right away! Are you willing to start the first level? Let’s go!

Ever wonder what the important purpose of each level is? It’s related to leading the blue ball to the red flag by drawing the right path for it. While drawing any line, pay attention to stars hanging in the air. Try to let the ball touch these items to collect them as they are really good for enhancing the budget. It’s noteworthy that traps scattered everywhere can break the ball, so be careful and clever to help it avoid this danger. Buy the way, wary to how to draw the line. Do that slowly because it will disappear very rapidly.

The charm of Disappearing Path is waiting for your discovery. Get ready? You will be on the way to improve your brain if playing this amazing game.

How To Play

Disappearing Path is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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