Dillo Hills

Light Switch
The mouse or the S key is used to drive.

Game Details

Dillo Hills (Last Updated: December 28, 2020)

Dillo Hills

Take a chance to obtain full experience of Dillo Hills – an outstanding distance game inspired by the common iPhone app Tiny Wings! Interestingly, the game is portrayed as a journey of the little armadillo in a weird world full of valuable diamonds. Go with him now!

The armadillo feels very sad as he does not have an ability to fly like a bird. However, he forgot that he could run and roll. Then, help him make the journey in the weird world to prove his spectacular abilities and bring back precious things, guys! Let him jump, run, and land on ramps and slopes to smooth his journey. Slice as quickly as possible and fly through the sky like a bird. Time for flying in the air and experiencing the trip is limited, remember!

Don’t mind setting Dillo Hills in motion as the armadillo’s journey is really exciting. Are you willing to go? Come on!

How To Play

The mouse or the S key is used to drive.

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