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Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run

Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run

Welcome to Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run, guys!

Are you a big fan of the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo? Are you a big enthusiast for sports games? If both the answers are yes, then this football parkour game is a must-try option for you.

You will become Cristiano Ronaldo and make use of his incredible running skills to run through the streets of the big city.

What can be more awesome than that?!!

How to Play?

As soon as setting your feet in Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run, you will be in charge of controlling the very well-known character. Guide him to roam on crowded streets. While moving, you will encounter plenty of obstacles, such as trains, tables, and nets. If you don’t avoid them, our footballer will get hurt badly and end his journey.

Hold the ball and run as far as possible, but don’t forget to dodge or jump over obstacles, walls, or another football player. The tip here is some obstacles can be broken with a football shot!

Some obstacles can be broken with a football shot! 

Play right now and show the best skills!


  • Football parkour game
  • Famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Various obstacles on tracks
  • Amusing 3D graphics
  • Fun and addictive gameplay

Release Date:

This game was released on October 7, 2020.


Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run is available on all browsers and devices.


5Th Planet Games A/S published Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run.


Move, jump, and slide with the arrows.


Prove your running skills in Cristiano Ronaldo Kick N Run!

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